About Rossaine

Rossaine (pronounced as Ro-seyn) is a 16-year-old girl trying to make her dreams come true one by one. She loves immersing herself with the things that she loves doing; listening to music, reading books, watching dramas and  movies, eating and sleeping, lurking around the blogosphere, practicing her creativity and many more!

She’s currently residing at the Philippines with her family and she’s already in 11th grade, studying in a university. Fangirling, sleeping and eating are her hobbies, she appreciates models and Korean artists so much that it makes her go crazy. She’s a sleep deprived person (totally in need of 100 hours of sleep), she loves wasting her time and she’s a total procrastinator/crammer. Don’t be like her.



About La Rêveuse

La Rêveuse is a French word meaning “The Dreamer“. Rossaine named her blog La Rêveuse because she acknowledges herself as a typical dreamer who is filled with hope.
With her little space here in the virtual world (La Rêveuse blog), she would let out her thoughts and maybe her creativity, who knows.