How To Keep Yourself Motivated


Lack of motivation is a really difficult and frustrating situation. It’s when you want to finish a certain task but can’t do it because you’re not motivated enough to make an action.

As a student myself, I must say I lack motivation most of the time that’s why I always tend to delay my task just because “I don’t feel like doing it”. Everyone else is also experiencing this and it is hard to stay unmotivated when you’re about to beat the deadlines, so here are 7 ways on How To Keep Yourself Motivated.

  1. Remember why you started.
    If you’ve been taking actions on achieving your goal and you already feel like giving up because of the struggles, remind yourself why you started. Explore your reasons and constantly remind yourself about your goals that you want to attain.
  2. Give yourself breaks.
    From time to time, you will feel tired, stressed or frustrated. Don’t push yourself too far. Keep in mind that it’s okay to give yourself a break if you think everything is too much to handle already. Go and immerse yourself with the things that you love doing; watch movies, go on cafes, play your sports, sleep, read that book you’ve been wanting to read, search for soulful musics, do anything that would make you happy and relaxed.
  3. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
    Everyone fails and it’s a part of life. If you fail to attain your goal then take it as a lesson. Do not push yourself down even further just because you failed, it will only worsen everything. Instead, try again, be positive, believe in yourself and do your best until you succeed.
  4. Do not procrastinate.
    Eliminate the distraction no matter how hard it takes, and focus yourself on the things that you need to accomplish.
  5. Read inspirational quotes, speeches or articles.
    Try to make it a habit; read a literary piece that could inspire you. You can either read some motivational quotes on Tumblr and Pinterest, or listen to an inspirational speech on Youtube, or simply, do everything that you think would motivate you. Or you can also talk to anyone who can give you helpful life advice. Don’t be afraid to seek for your friends’ or family’s guidance and support for they’re are the ones who truly believes in you. Just remember that it is really important to surround yourself with positivity.
  6. Reward yourself.
    Nothing is better than knowing that after all those hardships and struggles that you’ve overcome, there will be a positive outcome. Keep yourself motivated by giving yourself rewards after accomplishing a task! In this way, you can be motivated to finish all the work that you have to do because you know that there’s a reward waiting for you.
  7. Just go outside.
    When you feel like escaping from all the books piled up in your table, from the papers needed to filled with words or from the pressure you are feeling, go ahead. Don’t be afraid to escape once in a while. You gotta give yourself a little air. Go out, visit your favorite cafe and fill yourself with caffeine, visit your friends, go on shopping or just take a walk outside. Remember, connecting and immersing yourself with the nature could help reduce the stress, sadness, anger, or anxiety that you have, and instead, it will increase the pleasant feelings and it will improve your mental health.





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