A Thank You and Sorry Letter to Myself


Probably, most people wrote a Thank You and Sorry Letter to their Parent/s or ex partners or present maybe… But for me I want to grab this chance to say something to myself who’s been working hard for the past few months just to make it to the end of the semester, and who probably needs a little encouragement to make it through every pain and struggle.

Dear Self,

          You’ve been facing stress and lots of frustrations lately, I hope you’re doing fine. I just want to say that these past few months, I can truly see that you’re doing your very best to satisfy yourself, and for that, I want to say thank you for all of your efforts. Thank you for doing all of these for your family and for your future as well. Thank you for not giving up even if it’s getting harder already. But you know, it’s okay to rest once in awhile. Don’t push yourself too far because you might break down. Think about your health, your happiness and your emotions.  Try to be care-free and do the stuffs you’ve never done again since school started; watch kdramas, fangirl all day, read books and watch movies, do all of it! Do what makes you happy because you deserve it. You deserve to be happy, darling, no matter what.

I also want to say sorry for letting you down most of the time, for doubting your capabilities, for not believing in you. I know I shouldn’t have done it but I can’t help it. I can’t help but to think negative thoughts when it’s getting rough already. I’m sorry if I couldn’t be any better, I always try to be but I just can’t and it sucks actually. It sucks knowing I couldn’t be better.
I’m sorry if I even pushed you down further when I’m feeling hopeless. I’m sorry if I think you’re a failure, when you’re not. I’m sorry for always calling you ugly. I only say it because I’m insecure, and I’m sorry, I really am. I know I should accept you for who you are and I should stop comparing you to others. You’re not them because you’re one of a kind. You’re you and no matter what your flaws are, it’s fine.

Just remember that through good times and bad times, never lose hope and always keep your faith in Him for He is the one who will guide you all the way. Don’t worry too much, don’t doubt too much, live your life and just be happy. The time will come where you will achieve all your goals so don’t rush and pressure yourself, just do everything slowly. No matter how hard life gets, don’t give up and keep on facing challenges with a pure and determined heart. Again, thank you for being good, thank you for exerting efforts and I’m sorry for doubting you at times. I love you so much. Never give up sweetie.

                            Love, Self






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